Horse name: Baukje

Breed: Frisian

Age: 19 years old

Teeth: moderate

Condition: normal

Description: Baukje has been a little phlegmatic lately. She used to enjoy a good walk, but she’s been less active lately. Could that be linked to her age? She does eat well, but we have noticed that everything is considerably slower. We have also noted that her manure isn’t always optimal anymore. It can sometimes look a little coarser in structure. We do still ride her quite fanatically. Baukje is saddled up for a ride three to four times a week and she walks along the lunge line once a week too. Whilst saddled, we will usually head into the forest once a week, we ride at the riding club once a week and we also fanatically train at home. I have started her in L2 dressage. We don't take part in many competitions, but we do enjoy competing around four times a year.


Horses get most of their energy from the fermentation of fibres. That’s why it’s important for Baukje to adjust the type of fibre to her teeth. As her teeth are no longer optimal, you need to add fibre with a shorter fibre length to her ration (+/-3cm). For example Pavo SeniorFibre, Pavo DailyPlus, Pavo FibreNuggets or Pavo FibreBeet. You need to aim for 1.5% of her body weight in short fibre roughage. You can then supplement this with long fibre roughage for quality of life and enjoyment. It’s also important for Baukje to be given a concentrate which is right for her age. As she is still very active, she will need extra proteins and adjusted minerals. We recommend Pavo 18+ for this. Normally the manure recovers completely when the roughage fibre length is adjusted. You can use Pavo GutHealth during the transition period for extra support.