Horse name: Waldner

Breed: Haflinger

Age: 24 years old

Teeth: good dental function

Condition: slightly on the heavy side

Description: Waldner is a cheerful Haflinger. Despite being 24 years old, he still loves his food and tends to be slightly overweight. Waldner doesn’t do much work. He does occasionally go on a forest walk, he sometimes goes on the lunge line and does a little groundwork too. I have noticed that, despite the fact we’re taking it pretty easy these days, he can seem a little stiff and walk with some difficulty the day after he’s worked. Is there something we can do to support him?


Waldner doesn’t yet have a problem with staying at a he althy weight. This fact, together with little labour, means you can feed him with a balancer like Pavo Vital. This means you can rest assured he’ll be getting all the essential nutrients. Plenty of roughage is important too. You can definitely also vary the amount of roughage you give to keep his weight balanced. As he won’t be terribly fit anymore, it’s important to do a good warm-up and cool-down. This will ensure Waldner won’t feel too stiff after doing some work. A good cool-down will allow him to get rid of most of the waste himself. Would you like to provide him with a little extra support? That’s possible in the form of Pavo MuscleCare.

You can also give your horse Pavo OmegaFit to support general health.