Do’s and dont's



  • Provide constant access to roughage, also during night time, to stimulate chewing and thereby buffering of the gastric acid.  

  • Horses need at least 1,5-2 kg of roughage per 100 kg of bodyweight per day, so 9-15 kg of hay for a 600 kg horse per day. Spread the roughage over the day. 

Meal size: 

  • Dividing the daily ration into many small portions 

  • At least 3-6 portions per day 

Sugar & starch: 

  • Feeding less than 1 g / kg bodyweight of starch per meal 

Teeth condition: 

  • Ensure an optimal teeth function by regular dentist checks  


  • Avoiding stress as much as possible 

  • Ensure daily natural movement 

  • Give constant access to roughage 

  • Contact with other horses 



  • Avoid feeding hygienically bad quality roughage with mould or toxic plants in it  

  • Avoid feeding concentrates before feeding roughage 


  • Never deprive your horse access of fresh and clean drinking water

Sugar & starch: 

  • Don't feed to much sugar and starch. An excessive amount of sugar and starch in the diet will disturb the horses intestinal flora. 

Diet changes:

  • Avoid switching to a new diet too quickly. Taking at least 7-10 days to introduce the horse to a new diet 


  • Don't ignore any (small) behavioral changes. Always take your horses body language seriously!


Use a roughage analysis to investigate the nutritional value of your roughage!