Stop with digestive problems

Does your horse have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract? Then you’ll undoubtedly be wondering how you stabilize a healthy digestive function for a happy horse. Making sure you can enjoy life together.

What are the most common issues your horse may come across? What are the differences and what are the best ways of dealing with these? You will learn how you can manage your sensitive horse needs most effectively in this special. Not only recovery will play a role, but also prevention. 

The topics which will be addressed are: 

  • Which signals indicate digestive problems? 

  • What is the difference between stomach and gut issues? 

  • How can I adapt the (feeding) management? 

  • What does the “perfect” feed plan look like? 

  • Is my horse at a healthy weight? 

  • What do you need to pay attention to with supplementary nutrition? 

  • Prevention: how to avoid problems 

Horses have a very sensitive GIT and therefore very susceptible for problems with digestion. However, you can make sure that you optimize the management and feed plan. This will ensure you can enjoy life to the fullest together! Once you’ve read this special, you’ll definitely be able to make sure your horse won’t have a bad gut feeling anymore and starts enjoying feed again.  

Enjoy the read, Team Pavo