Mare Feeding Schedule 

During the last 3 months of gestation, the mare's feeding requirements will start to change. From this moment onwards, feed your mare special mare cubes, such as Pavo PodoLac. This will already provide your unborn foal with all the essential nutrients and reserves.


Split the concentrate across as many feeds per day as possible! Limit each feed to a maximum of 1.5kg.

Step-by-Step Guide: What if the foal leaves its mother ‘drained’?

Some mares give their all to their foal, causing the foal to experience very rapid growth while the mare becomes skinny herself. If this happens, you can take some steps so that the mare can regain her strength and the foal's growth is slowed down. Healthier for both of them!

  1. Have your roughage analysed and strive for a batch of hay with a high energy and protein content.
  2. Use protein-rich mare cubes, such as Pavo PodoLac.
  3. Give an adult warmblood mare at least 4-5kg of Pavo PodoLac per day – your mare needs a little extra, so don't be afraid to let her have it! But make sure you do not feed this to her all in one go, but split it across several (3-4) feeds per day.
  4. Is there little or no grass in the meadow? Then supplement the roughage with an alfalfa mix, such as Pavo DailyPlus or a protein-rich beet pulp, such as Pavo FibreBeet. Note: first soak Pavo FibreBeet in water before feeding it.
  5. If the mare continues to lose weight and the foal continues to gain weight, then you can replace Pavo PodoLac by Pavo Performance. This will reduce the milk production, so the mare will be left with more energy for herself and the foal will get less ‘fat’.

Frequently Asked Question about Nutrition::

“My mare is in her 8th month of gestation and is getting Pavo PodoLac mare cubes. She is already very round and fat, is it better not to give her mare cubes anymore?”

Pavo’s Feeding Recommendation::

Considering to adjust the amount of concentrates in this situation is good, but mares in foal do need essential minerals, such as calcium, phosphor and magnesium, which normal concentrates do not contain. In this case, opt for the vitamin and mineral supplement from our breeding range: Pavo PodoCare. PavoPodoCare is a balancer especially created for growing foals as well as mares who are overweight or already get enough energy and protein from roughage.

1 full Pavo feed scoop of Pavo PodoLac  contains approximately 1.2kg Pellets and 0,9kg Muesli.